Beer & Cider Brewing Kits

Beer kits for the beginning brewer.

For the beginning brewer I highly recommend starting with extract kits. These make excellent beer and minimize any second guessing you may otherwise do. Many of my customers simply stick with them, some add ingredients, while others progress to making their own recipes.

Brewer's Best 5 Gallon Extract Kits

American Amber
American Cream Ale
American Light
American Pale Ale
American Pale Wheat
Belgian Golden Ale
Belgian IPA
Belgian Saison
Belgian Stout
Belgian Tripel
Black IPA
Double IPA
English Brown
English Pale Ale
European Bock
Imperial Nut Brown
India Pale Ale
India Red Rye Ale
Irish Stout
Milk Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Red Ale
Robust Porter
Russian Imperial Stout
Rye Pale Ale
Session IPA
Sottish Ale
Whisky Barrel Stout

Brewer's Best 5 Gallon Sesonal Extract Kits

Chocolate Milk Stout (Winter)
Holiday Ale (Autumn)
Pumpkin Spice Porter (Summer)
Watermelon Wheat (Spring)

Brewer's Best 1 Gallon Extract Kits

American Brown Ale
American Red Ale
American Wheat
Belgian Saison
Belgian Tripel
Chocolate Stout
Equinox IPA
Imperial IPA
Imperial Stout
India Pale Ale
Pale Ale

BSG 5 Gallon Extract Kits

Bavarian Hefeweizen
Irish Red Ale

Cider House Select 6 Gallon Kits

Raspberry Lime
Spiced Apple
Beer Kits Beer Kits

Kits from Brewer's Best and BSG Handcraft. We often have seasonal offerings not listed here. Interested in a kit we don't carry? Let us know. We're also happy to help create a recipe for you.

Ingredient kits starting at $28.99.

Cider ingredient kits
Beer Kits Cider Kits

The Cider House Select kits require an addition of sugar which we also carry. With these kits you won't have to worry how the juice was treated and whether or not it'll make flavorful, clear cider.

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