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ChuckTown BrewDown

Calling all Home Brewers, now is the time to brush off that old Amber/Red recipe or time to generate a new one and enter the Famulari's Chucktown Brewdown Home Brew Competition. Registration is open for up to 4 person teams and will be competing for a chance to assist in brewing the winning beer to be tapped at Famulari's Brewpub. Also the day of the event (May 12th) which coincides with Famulari's anniversary, they will be hosting a Home Brew Festival so you can serve up your soon to be winning recipe plus any other beers you would like to showcase to the public and compete for a People's Choice award. Let's make this the premiere annual home brewing showcase event in South Carolina. Bring in you confirmation email/Paypal receipt and get 10% off the ingredients for your award winning entry.

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